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 When looking for new fitness instructors or staff, owners tend to look within their members or friends with the potential to meet their staffing needs. While this is certainly a great place to start, it does limit the owner to find the best person for the job, as normally there is not many members available for hire. Plus an owner should not settle with a member for a position just because they are within your studio, within your comfort zone, and so readily available. Only pick a person because they are a great fit.

Thus owners that are looking for staff need to feel comfortable looking outside their schools. With our KRUSHBOX systems, it really does matter if you choose someone from the outside, someone that has taught other fitness programs from different organizations, or sometimes, they have not had any formal training at all.

Here are a couple of ideas to help you locate future instructors and staff.

Run a Facebook Ad

I just ran a Facebook ad for the market of Nashville Tennessee, and in a short period of time, I have had over 25 people fill out our online applications.

Here is how it works…..

Step One: Facebook Ad Design

Demographics: Men, Women, or Men and Women, depending on what you are looking for. Ages 18 – 40, again this depends on what you are looking for. In the areas that you are looking to pull from. I would start with your city and its surroundings and if you are in a small town, include any towns bigger in proximity. Conversely, owners that schools are in great markets could run an ad nationwide, people will move for a great opportunity. I mean who would not want to live in a city like Miami, Denver, Dallas or almost anywhere in Florida!

Ad Text:

Fitness Instructor Wanted in Nashville

Great Personality and People Skills a Must

Compensation Possibilities: By the class, part-time salary, commission and bonuses available.


Fitness Instructor Wanted (in Nashville)

Button: Use “Apply Now” button and link to:

Ad pictures to use:


Step Two: Get Applicants Info

Once your prospects click the “Apply Now” button they will be taken to an online type form and ask very important questions that will help you pick the best prospective employee possible. To view the application information click here and it will give you an option to ask for permission and then we will share this google spreadsheet with you.

Step Three: Try Other Services

Try other services like,

– Craigslist


– Zip Recruiter


Step Four: Interview Process

 Phone/Skype Interview: Here you are looking for the following:

1. On Time

2. Upbeat

3. Easy to talk to

4. Confident

5. Details on any past experience

6. Ask why they want to teach. Listen for reasons beyond the pay.

Group Interview: Invite a handful of those you fill fit the mold to a group workout. In the workout, be sure the top instructor runs the KRUSHBOX class. Assuming some but not all will have any punching or kicking, teach the fundamental movements that are in the tutorial videos.

Teaching Audition: Invite to a normal class. Pre-frame that they will be assisting you in the class and give them the class plan you select for them to be prepared. Give them a 1-3 sections to teach.

From here you should know if you have some people that are a good fit as an ambassador for your KRUSHBOX brand!

Remember, Hire Slow, Fire Fast!!!