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What is Krushbox?


KRUSHBOX classes are great for both females and males that have the goal for a healthy fit lifestyle, and everyone has a blast training together in this fun high energy class. KRUSHBOX training is designed to be your primary fitness program. More strength or cardio training is NOT NECESSARY! KRUSHBOX can be used as a compliment to any other existing fitness programs. When KRUSHBOX is done consistently, muscles will become toned and lifted, and stamina, energy, and metabolic levels will improve. KRUSHBOX gives you the best of CROSS TRAINING and KICKBOXING, and it does it all in a 45-minute daily workout!


Ready to get started?


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What to Expect at KRUSHBOX

A Clean and Inviting Atmosphere


We pride ourselves on being professional and encouraging in every way. Many who come to our their first class are currently not working out and some are in great shape. Regardless everyone has a right to be healthy and have fun doing so! 


Warm Up


Our professional staff will already be aware of any limitations you may have. In our warm-up section, we prime your body to be eased into the core workout!


Bag Round


Here is where your inner-fighter is unleashed! Don't think you're a fighter? We beg to differ! Our coaches will help you find your inner-Rocky. Remember this is the time to release any anxiety, frustration, anger… whoops, did I say anger? I mean, um, motivation on to the bag.


Partner Workout


Sharing is caring! Teaming up with someone for a portion of the class is not only a blast but a great way to make friends with others in class! 


Cool Down


Core exercises mixed with stretching will wrap up your workout with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment!